The Avenir Story

Whether at work or play my company and personal philosophy is very simple: “To make people happy!” From the customers and our employees to the communities in which we do business, making people happy is what we are all about. Everything we do revolves around four basic principles:

  • Being dedicated to producing the best customer experience possible!
  • Going to extraordinary lengths to exceed the customer’s expectations!
  • Teamwork, trust and mutual respect are paramount in all that we do.
  • Supporting the communities of which we are part.

Founded in the summer of 1993, Avenir Restaurant Group has been dedicated to opening dynamic and individually unique restaurants. Our passion for food, wine, spirits, art and the cultural environment drives our entrepreneurial spirit. Birthday’s, anniversary’s, weddings, business triumphs and countless holidays are celebrated in our restaurants.

We are committed to buying locally grown, sustainable and organic produce whenever possible. Our seafood is responsibly sourced with respect for the oceans. Our meat and poultry come from small boutique farms dedicated to organic, sustainable and free range settings. We care deeply about what we are serving our guests.

Being involved in our community also drives our company. Whether it is a school fundraiser, local charity, a guest in need or a national cause you can count on Avenir Restaurant Group. We don’t believe in spending a lot of energy and time on advertising and marketing. Instead, we focus that energy on the actual guests who are dining in our restaurants and doing good in our communities.

Life truly flies by fast. Great food, excellent wine, hand crafted cocktails and just getting together with friends and family truly enriches one’s life. We truly hope you enjoy our restaurants.


Greg St. Claire